Dapper Affairs prides itself on offering a network of hidden gem destinations and venues that allow for truly authentic and exclusive destination weddings.
We take the guesswork out of deciding whether to use an event company close to home or a company in the destination country – we offer the best of both worlds.


Every couple is unique, which is why our approach to designing destination weddings is equally as unique, adapting to the couple and their expectations.
While some couples may want to be involved in the creation process of their destination wedding, other couples may prefer leaving it to us to handle.
Either way, we make sure to align our approach with the personality and preferences of each couple.
AMANGIRI, CANYON POINT - Dapper Affairs Corporate Retreat Venue Southern Utah


The sheer quantity of wedding planning companies and services that are on offer to couples can be overwhelming, to say the least. So, what makes Dapper Affairs different from the rest?
Having the renowned boutique travel company, Art In Voyage, as our sister company, our focus is on the destination. Dapper Affairs designs weddings that celebrate the authenticity of each destination, the cultural elements, and the beauty of the natural surroundings. 
AMANGIRI, CANYON POINT - Dapper Affairs Corporate Retreat Venue Southern Utah


Our global network of service providers allows us the unique advantage of offer destination weddings across the globe. With that being said, we value transparency and will always be completely honest should we feel that our experience of a requested destination is limited.
Some of our favorite countries for destination weddings have to be France, Italy, Croatia, and South Africa…talk about dreamy!