Corporate Retreats Workations By Dapper Affairs


Dapper Affairs designs each corporate retreat with a fully customized and strategic approach. Ensuring employees and teams achieve maximum growth, cohesion, and direction from their experience is our key priority.
We believe that corporate retreats should encourage the unique skills and perspectives of each team member while still enhancing the shared vision of the company. 
Corporate Retreats Workations By Dapper Affairs


Brainstorming new strategies, transforming the way teams interact, negotiating partnerships, refocusing leaders, and rewarding employees are just some of the company objectives we design corporate retreats for. 
Every corporate retreat is meticulously designed around the objectives that the company is looking to achieve, from the choice of destination to the daily itineraries.
Corporate Retreats Workations By Dapper Affairs
Corporate Retreat Destinations | Dapper Affairs


Having our sister company, Art In Voyage, actively involved in the creation of our corporate retreats means that each destination is handled with expert travel knowledge.
Taking a team abroad to a beautiful destination is an investment, which is why we focus on creating experiences that make the most of the specific destination and its surroundings.