“Magical – that’s the one word that always comes to mind when we talk about our destination wedding and honeymoon that Dapper Affairs and Art In Voyage crafted.

As frequent travelers, we were interested in creating a unique experience that would allow us to not only host our special day but give our guests the opportunity to create memories beyond our ceremony. Working with the Dapper Affairs team, we decided to revisit South Africa (one of our favorite locations in the world) for a safari wedding and tour through the region. The 11-day adventure, with all of its logistics and itineraries, was managed beautifully by the Dapper Affairs and Art in Voyage team, allowing us to focus on our celebration and to truly connect with our friends and family. But the team really pulled out all of the stops by cultivating unique and personal activities, meals, and magical moments that ensured this experience was like none other.

As we parted ways with our guests for our honeymoon, we knew we made the right choice to host this once in a lifetime trip with Dapper Affairs.”


Dexter and Doran are an incredibly special couple who we’ve grown particularly fond of over the past few years. When they approached us to plan their African Safari Destination Wedding, we were beyond excited and honored! This was an occasion that required the expertise of Dapper Affairs, along with the expertise of our sister company, Art In Voyage.

Together, we created an authentic safari wedding in South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park. Destination Weddings are a passion for the Dapper Affairs team; smaller group sizes, gorgeous locations, high spirits, and the opportunity to be as extra as possible. Dexter and Doran’s wedding was no exception.

With game drives, safari experiences, and socializing before the day of the wedding, the couple, as well as the guests, appeared relaxed, comfortable with one another, and most importantly, happy. Perhaps this also had to do with the fact that everything was meticulously planned and arranged for the newlyweds and their guests, but we enjoy giving the breathtaking destination equal credit for the experience!

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