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  • A Safari Destination Wedding
    DEXTER & DORAN’S MAGICAL AFRICAN WEDDING “Magical – that’s the one word that always comes to mind when we talk about our destination wedding and honeymoon that Dapper Affairs and Art In Voyage crafted. As frequent travelers, we were interested in creating a unique experience that would allow us to
  • Croatian Wedding Traditions | Dapper Affairs
    Wedding Customs To Inspire Your Destination Wedding Choosing to have a destination wedding is incredibly exciting and special, and the destination will hold lifelong meaning to the couple. Incorporating traditions and cultural elements of your chosen destination is a lovely way of respecting the culture and adding an authentic feel
  • Unique Places For Destination Weddings We all know about the most popular destination wedding locations across the world such as Lake Tahoe, Lake Como, the Caribbean, Jamaica, and Fiji; but some of our most recommended locations for destination weddings go beyond the normal. If you are looking for a destination

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